Easy, Cheap and fun 

This is a new aeronautical competition where you can participate in any type of flying device powered by motor (airplane, ULM, VLA, etc.), separately in different competitions and sleeves depending on the type of device.


The competition consists of "" executing the flight over a defined area, called a stage, composed of one or more streets of specified widths, these in turn divided into several segments with an entrance and an exit door that will mark the start and end of the competition on stage, culminating it with one or more precision landings "".

• The devices will be equipped with data and image transmission equipment that will be sent to a receiver on the ground.

• Images and data received from position, altitude, speed, heading, etc. processed through computer and visual equipment, they will be transmitted or recorded so that they can be broadcast, live or deferred, in closed or open circuit.

• The competition can be followed in real time through screens that will mark at all times the stage in which it takes place

• The entire competition, from the start of the take-off run and whose data will be those that determine the official penalties. until landing at the airfield, it will be recorded by a GPS Logger on board the aircraft

• A software will be available that, with the information received from the Logger´s of the penalties of each device in competition, will proceed to classify the different participants according to the fault committed.

Just to fly !